How to integrate Zotero into existing document with manual citations?

Hello all,
I need some help! I am revising and editing a paper, which has footnotes and I would like to add new Zotero generated footnotes to the documents, as well as replace eventually all manual ones with Zotero. However, the document does not respond. Is there anything I am missing? Why am I not able to do it?
Thank you so much for your help!
  • What do you mean by "does not respond"?
  • It just freezes and then when I reload the document and click add citation, it does not do anything at all.
  • What word processor and version?
  • If this is Google Docs and you are on Windows, restart your browser and Zotero, when you go to the browser DO NOT minimize the Zotero window, just leave it behind other windows. When you click Add/Edit Citation if you do not see a citation dialog look through all Zotero windows (in the taskbar) and see if it is there.
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