Is biber crossref not supported?

Hi, I'm new to Zotero.

I tried importing my biber database which has entries like this:

editor={Nakamura, Yukio},
title={Nihon no Hōgen},
series={Iwanami Kōza Nihongo},
publisher={Iwanami Shōten},

author={Kindaichi, Haruhiko},
title={Akusento Bunpu-zu},

This works in Latex but the Zotero entry for the @incollection (kindaichi1977) only shows the author/title/year, without any connection to the @book (nakamura1977) or its fields. Is that expected?
  • Zotero doesn't really support a facility like crossref. If you import with BBT, the crossref will be re-exported. If you want to have crossref resolved by copying the fields into the crossreffing entry, I'd need to get a table that specifies which fields get inherited as per \DefaultInheritance
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