5.0.78 Plugins

How can one find if the plugins are of compatible versions?


DOI Manager
Storage Scanner


  • The embedded install.rdf should state what versions the plugin is compatible with. Mine (a.o. storage scanner, but not DOI manager) declare compatibility with 5.0.*, although I practice I only provide support for the latest public release of Zotero.
  • (if the install.rdf declares its compatibility correctly, it should simply not install on incompatible versions)
  • The question is specifically about the changes in 5.0.78, which we mention in the changelog entry. install.rdf wouldn't be relevant here.

    It looks like @bwiernik updated DOI Manager in October, so that should be compatible.

    Storage Scanner hasn't been updated since 2018, but I'm guessing it wasn't affected by the 5.0.78 changes?
  • Ah, that. I don't anticipate storage scanner to be affected, but it doesn't run nightly tests like BBT does. The main relevant change was that default prefs are no longer loaded right? Storage scanner doesn't have any preferences.
  • No — there were many other relevant changes, which I laid out on zotero-dev. We fixed default pref loading back in September.
  • Right. None of that affects Storage Scanner.
  • OK, thanks both.
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