Resetting numbered citations in figure captions

Nature (and off-spring) require any refs in figure captions to start their numbering after the last ref in the main text, regardless of where they appear in the overall order.
So if the last ref in the body of the text is 'n', then the first ref in any figure caption is 'n+1'. We happen to be citing lots of national statistical sources for some graphs. I can do this manually in Word, but it would be nice to do this automatically using Zotero. I've looked at the style editor, but I'm none-the-wiser. Any ideas?

Many thanks.
  • No way to do this automatically with figures in-text I'm afraid. (If you have the figures at the end of the document, it'd obviously happen that way automatically).
  • Zotero can’t do that automatically if you put the figures in place in text, rather than at the end of the document. One approach that will work is this:
    1) Insert the citation at the end of document
    2) Select the citation text in Word and add a Bookmark around it
    3) In the figure caption, insert a cross-reference to the Bookmark
    4) When you are done writing, click the Refresh button in the Zotero tab in Word, then select all of the text in the document and type the F9 key to update all of the cross-references to the correct numbers.
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    Thanks both. "adamsmith" I thought that might be the case.

    "bwiernik" that's cunning! I'll give that a go.

    For anyone else: I'd tried turning off the auto update for the doc, then move the fig captions to the correct place, but at some point Word looses the Bibl and at reinsertion it then renumbers everything.
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