Modifying the last acced date format.

Im trying to modify the last accessed date format of some website.
The change i have made, doesnt work when i refresh my standard (IEEE) and restart.

from "9-Jul 2019" to "9. Jul 2019"
thanks in advance.
  • You would need to edit the style. Is this for a specific journal, or just personal preference?
  • No it is for a bachelor thesis.
    I tried it, but when zotero restarts it load the initial style.
    Im confused now.
  • After you edit a style you must then change the style ID and title at the top do the style, save, and install into Zotero. Else, the next time you start Zotero your edited style will be overwritten by the standard style of the same name.
  • Thank you yall.
    I fixed it.
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