Zotero plugin for Mac Word 2018 not allowing printing

I have a problem with the Zotero plugin where it is preventing me from being able to print from Microsoft Word on Mac. I am running version 16.16.16 (191111) of Word with macOS Catalina verson 10.15.1.

I have tried removing the Zotero plugin in word but it keep coming back and the issue with printing persists. Please advise.
  • It's highly unlikely that the Zotero Word plugin is interfering with printing — we haven't received any other reports of that, and there's not really a mechanism for it to do so. (Also, Word 2018 isn't something that exists. 16.16.16 is Word 2016.)

    Are you saying that, if you open your Word Startup folder, and you move Zotero.dotm out of the folder to your desktop and restart Word, the problem immediately stops happening, and if you move it back and restart Word it immediately starts again?
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