First creator in pane

In the pane only the last name of the creator is showed.

I want to change the format of the creator in the pane to : ,

How cab I change the display format of the creator?
  • In the middle pane, you mean? Sorry, that's not configurable.
  • I can do it for a record by changing manualy the details pane with following actions:
    - change order first name, last name
    - change to two field mode

    Then in the middle pane the creator is showed in the format < first name>. So, it is possible.

    But having thousands records I don't want to change each record manualy.
  • edited November 28, 2019
    No, don't do that — that's actually changing the way the data is stored, which affects how it's used in citations and other contexts. What you're asking for isn't possible.
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