[Juris-M] Edition field rendering

edited November 28, 2019
There is such edition macro in my style now:

<macro name="edition">
<if is-numeric="edition">
<group delimiter=" ">
<number variable="edition" form="ordinal"/>
<text term="edition" form="short"/>
<number variable="edition"/>

But it is rendering number of edition wrongly, when there is short or long dash between number of edition and suffix. It isn't relevant for English, but for Lithuanian it is usual to wrote, lets say, "4-is leid." for fourth edition. In such situation it is added an ordinal suffix and short form of edition: "4-asis-is leid. leid." It doesn't depend on locale settings, the same situation is with English and dashes – if input data "4-th ed." there will be "4th-th ed. ed." After removing form="ordinal" there will be "4-th ed. ed." And when there is obviously not numeric edition data "4-th revised and enlarged edition" it is treated as numeric and is rendered as "4th-th revised and enlarged edition ed." There are no such cases in English, but quite a problem in Lithuanian, when information in edition field with dash after number is always treated as numeric.
I tested that with Juris-M and multilingual style (it was validated by Juris-M validator), but the same behaviour I can see in online CSL editor https://editor.citationstyles.org/codeEditor/ so, I believe, in Zotero too.
Is it bug or there is other solutions?
  • @fbennett I noticed a similar issue with is-numeric recently. What was the format you wanted bug tests to be submitted in for citeproc-js nowadays?
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