Transfer from one computer (WIN7) to another (WIN10)

I'm getting ready to transfer from one computer (with WIN7) to another (with WIN10). What is the latest and greatest simple process for moving my Zotero settings? I've read that this should involve copying the contents of C>Users>[name]>Zotero. But is that it? What about the folder, C>User>[name]>AppData>Roaming>Zotero ?

  • You transferred the data directory, which contains all your data.

    You can transfer the folder within Roaming if you want, which contains the profile directory. That will preserve various settings, your sync login, extensions, etc. It could potentially transfer a few settings that aren't appropriate for the new computer (e.g., a Linked Attachment Base Directory at a path that doesn't exist), but you could fix those.

    (This assumes you haven't yet started Zotero on the new computer. If you have, you'd have a separate profile directory already and would need to either replace the Roaming\Zotero directory altogether or replace specific files within the profile directory such as prefs.js.)
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