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edited November 27, 2019
Is there a way to make publisher name not italics? I don't think italics is definedfor publisher name but it's still in italics.
  • Publisher should not appear in italics in the Zotero Chicago style. Is it actually that the whole reference is in italics for you? If so, it is likely this:
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    Hey. Thank you for your response.

    Actually, if I take some reference and preview it in Zotero, it shows publisher in italics. I'm using "Journal article" item type. Here is an example output:

    Procedia Engineering seems to be the publisher in this case. Maybe its in italics because I use polish language? If so, how do I change style for polish language?

    EDIT: It's publication actually, not publisher... My mistake. In case of "Book" type, there is publisher. And it's not in italics, like you say.

    So how to change "publication" to not be in italics?

  • Chicago style wants “container titles”, like journal titles or book titles, to be in entered in italics. What you are seeing is correct Chicago style. Though, as this is a conference paper, you should probably store the item as a Conference Paper, rather than as a Journal Article.

    Is there a reason you are trying to remove the italics here? Chicago does want italics for journal/book/proceedings titles.
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