Switching locales depending on language of source


Is it possible to choose a different locale (language style) depending on the language in which the source is written?

For example I need "Vol." and "No." for English journal articles, but "Jg." and "H." for German journal articles.

I think I've read something about this topic somewhere here, but cannot find it...

Any suggestions?
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    It's possible with csl-m.

    <if locale="de">
  • Yes, it is possible. See here for an example in Chicago style:

    You can install styles using these features into regular Zotero. It will warn you that the style is not valid (these features are not part of regular CSL language), but it will still work.
  • Just to add to @bwiernik's comment: There are actually two ways to deal with this requirement:
    1. You can use multiple layout elements. This is jm-chicago-fullnote-bibliography-polyglot does. This will change all locales for a reference.
    2. If you need only certain elements to be localized, you can check for the locale in an if element (see above).

    Depending on your particular needs, one solution might be better.

    Also note that the style linked by @bwiernik declares itself as a csl-m file (version="1.1mlz1"). This should ensure the processor runs in csl-m mode and that the extensions to standard csl can be used. I am not sure if this is strictly necessary. Perhaps @fbennett can elaborate on this.
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