Errors with RIS import from British Library "My Workspace" Push to RIS

Hello, thanks for Zotero. I use it with RIS files from the British Library.
After a lot of trial and error I found that the file produced by the British Library is not correctly formatted for a Zotero import.
Or alternatively the Zotero import isn't correctly parsing the British Library RIS format.

The problem seems to be that the Y1 field from the British Library should be PY and should have /// at the end of a field that is just a 4 digit year.

Then the fields that appear before the TY field are not used by Zotero, but are provided by the British Library and are the Y1 and VL fields.

Also the British Library records have blank lines between the fields.

I posted a report with the number 2053313180
And if you want an example of the file from the British Library, just get in touch.

  • Okay, but I think the main problem here is only the order. In RIS data the first tag has to by TY and the last one ER. Actually, when trying to import a RIS file from the British Library then this will create two entries in Zotero.

    The British Library is using Primo and I think they fixed such problems with RIS a some time ago. But I can try to reach out to them and ask.

    You can also click on the Zotero icon in your browser and thereby using the Primo translator for the British Library. That should usually give you the best possible data for Zotero.
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