How to put "et" instead of "&"

Hi, I use American Psychological Association 6th edition (Provost)(French-Canada) style. Now the style uses "&" when there's more than one author. I need it to be replace by "et". It has to be when I reference in-text and in my bibliography.
Do I need to try to code it? Thanks so much in advance!

Exemple: (Holloway, Holt, & Mills, 2019) would become (Holloway, Holt et Mills, 2019)
(Moraga & Anzaldúa, 1983) would become (Moraga et Anzaldúa, 1983)
  • You would need to edit the style. In each place where it says ‘and="symbol"’, change it to ‘and="text"’.

    Then change the style ID and title at the top do the style, save, and install into Zotero.
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