(Feature request ?)-How to know if a citation was made ?

edited November 24, 2019
Hi, i'am João Mendes

So in endnote when i cite some references my word document appears in that program and when i select it, i can see which references in endnote was cited on word.

I'm doing this in zotero with a tag to know if a spefic citation was cite or not on word. If i miss one tag i don't know if the citation was or not made it. Sure i can go through a long bibliography to know it but...

Is there a way to know through zotero if a citation was made it in word? Maybe a change in the metadata, i don't know.

It would be a nice feature to have. But i've been searching for some features and some have been requested 10 years ago and they didn't make it to zotero. But zotero have some uniques features too that any other reference manager does not.

Best regards,
João Mendes.
  • This is planned, but it's not available currently. (The phrase we use to describe it is "document collections".)
  • @Jofimendes: Oh, but you can use the third-party Reference Extractor to select items in Zotero that are cited in your document.
  • Hi @dstillman,

    Thanks for your response, it is nice to hear that this feature is taking in count.

    Reference extractor seems nice and i'm glad you suggest it but it's not a "real time" form to know if the citation was made it on word because you need to upload your word file which time you cite i guess.

    But it's nice to have for other purposes.

    Best regards,
    João Mendes.
  • Note also that in the Add/Edit Citation window in Word, items that you have already cited will be shown at the top of the search results. So if you want to know if a specific item has been cited in this document, you can search for it and see if it appears in the “Cited” list.
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