Beta: The abbreviations file "resource://zotero/schema/abbreviations.json" is not valid JSON

edited November 23, 2019
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  • Hello, I think this is the right thread to write to. A few days ago, citations were working fine. Then, today when I tried to insert a citation into MS Word I got this warning: The top bar of the warning window says: C:/Program Files (x86)\Zotero\zotero.exe and then in the window (middle) says: The abbreviations file "resource://zotero/schema/abbreaviations.json" is not valied JSON. Can someone please help? Many thanks :)
  • This is with the beta? We greatly appreciate beta feedback, but please be sure to mention when you're running a Zotero beta so we don't have to guess. You should also provide a Report ID (which includes the version) with any problem report.

    Anyhow, this should now be fixed in the latest beta build. Thanks for letting us know.

    (If you didn't mean to be running the beta, you can't switch back easily at the moment due to database incompatibility, but you can switch back once Zotero 5.0.78 is released in the near future.)
  • Hi @dstillman yes, i have the beta edition. I didn't see any Report ID. What it showed was one of those small windows in the middle of the screen with that info on it. I assumed the developers were making changes, so I wrote in.
  • Nice, work - have been using Z for a decade.
  • The Report ID is something that you generate and include here when reporting problems. I linked to instructions above.
  • @dstillman ok, I found it. Here is the report ID: 913806428. Though this particular JSTOR thing may already be taken care of as you mentioned.
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