Remember left panel state

I often work with the left panel (collections/tags) closed.

But any time I restart Zotero it's open again. Is there a way to make it remember my preference?
  • I believe its reappearance after restart was introduced because too many people hid it by accident and were then alarmed.
    Given how quick this is ro hide again, I doubt this is worth adding a pref for.
  • Yes, that's the reason. Automatic reopening was briefly disabled when we added the View menu with pane toggles, but we restored it because people were still closing them by accident.

    I did mention the possibility of adding a preference there (and I guess "no one has complained in years" is no longer the case). I don't know that this merits a visible pref, but I can add a hidden pref for it. Issue created.
  • Would be very happy with a hidden pref, thanks!
  • I've added an extensions.zotero.reopenPanesOnRestart hidden pref, default to true, in the latest Zotero beta. It will be included in 5.0.78.
  • Very happy with this, thank you. Solves a little papercut I see everyday.
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