Citing a Physical Place or Location in Zotero Using Chicago 17th

I do a lot of genealogy work, and I need to cite a cemetery. How do others cite this kind of thing in Zotero? Chicago isn't clear either (that I've seen) on how one cite's a physical location or cemetery or a headstone. I found these suggestions online but not sure of the style the individual used.

Format: Cemetery (Location), Item, data collection info, date photographed.

Example: Ramsey Cemetery (Ramhurst, Murray County, Georgia), Maude W. Butler footstone, personally photographed, 20 Sep 2008.
  • As the specific data source is a photograph, I would recommend entering the data for this sort of item as Artwork.
  • The artwork format in Zotero does not allow for a location however which is imperative to an accurate chicago citation of the artwork. This is a problem I am running into.
  • Add it to Extra like this:
    Event place: Chicago, IL, USA
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