Beta version updates

A few weeks ago I had the problem when ref add dates were all automatically switched to a same day (As I understood, it was a bug found in computers in specific time zones) . Fortunately, thank to you, I upgraded to a recommended beta version and the problem was solved.
Since then, it keeps asking for updates of beta versions (probably nightly versions due to its frequency). Is this behavior due to that first beta version upgrade? Should I fix something to stop updating beta versions?
I do believe in the golden rule: "If is not broken, don't fix it!"
  • You can revert to regular Zotero simply by reinstalling the software downloaded from -- it won't affect your data in any way.
  • You can't easily downgrade from the current Zotero beta, which upgrades the database in an incompatible way, so if you're on the current beta you should wait until Zotero 5.0.78 is released and switch back at that time.

    (Incompatible DB upgrades are very rare, but the current one happens to make some.)
  • @mfoppa: Zotero 5.0.78 is out now, so you can switch back if you don't want to stay on the beta version.
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