American Medical Association style from clipboard often pastes incorrectly

When using the Zotero ribbon tools in Word the bibliography appears to format correctly, but this requires the insertion of a citation in the document first as far as I can tell. Sometimes it's preferable to just list the bibliography information without a corresponding citation in the document. This leads to the use of the "Create Bibliography from Item..." or "Copy Bibliography (Ctrl + Shift + C)" tool. In both cases, when I paste from the clipboard to my destination the result often appears with the citation number above the reference on a separate line and most of the time the number is right-justified while the rest is left-justified. In places where it pastes as plain text it's fine, but then the other formatting (italics) is lost. So far I have been able to test this in Microsoft Office products (Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint) and Google Docs, and it occurs in all of these. Is there a way to fix this on my end or in the programming?
  • Does it paste weirdly if you paste it into a plain text program like Notepad?
  • (They say it doesn't afferct plain text). This is a known issue with MS Office's (and to a lesser extent GDocs) interpretation of HTML in the clipboard. I believe @adomasven looked at this to some length a while ago and wasn't able to work around it, so beyond working with the word processor add-on or using a modified version of the citation style (e.g. without numbers before citations since those are presumably useless in most such scenarios anyway), I'm not aware of a solution.
  • (Sorry missed that sentence)
  • Ah. Ok. As long as correcting the formatting won't break the links to Zotero it's certainly a manageable issue. Usually the number isn't needed in those circumstances anyway. Thank you.
  • that might be a misunderstanding? -- using quick copy does not link a citation to Zotero.
  • I suppose I hadn't really thought about it at that level. That is good to know. Thank you for the clarification.

    BTW - this is really good software! It's rare that I find a program I really like, that is well thought through with little to criticize. This is definitely one that is well put together despite it's complexity. Thanks to all who have made this happen. Please keep it up! :D
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