Bibliography in Bluebook Law Review

Hey guys and girls,

this forum has been amazing so far, so I'm trying my luck again.

I am currently writing my bachelor thesis, using the citation style Bluebook Law Review.

Unfortunately, I just realised that this specific style does not allow for automatic creation of a bibliography (using the Word plug-in).

This style is the preferred style of my professor, and I changed a lot within the references to adapt it to German and add supplementary information. Therefore, I can't simply switch style, sine it would all be lost.

Does anyone have an idea?


  • You'd have to add a bibliography to the citation style. For the most part, you can do this simply by copying the code for the first reference from the citation section into a new bibliography section, though some modification is likely still needed.
  • Is it possible to explain how this can be done?
    I am also required to submit my thesis according to the Bluebook citation style, and I need to attach a bibliography list according to the Bluebook.
  • In the past, Juris-M (which used to be called MLZ) was recommended for legal citations. It was specifically created since Zotero doesn't work well with the Bluebook and other legal citation styles.

    I'm not sure if that's still the case. But you might want to check it out:
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