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Our library has a 'SQL database' with reports (metadata). I would like to offer these records to the authors of the reports (our employees), using Zotero.

Doing some trial and error within Zotero with the export of items in the formats available, it seems to me that Zotero RDF would be the preferred way to import items, giving their completeness.

Now in this 'SQL database' there is a quite a lot of useful administrative information that I would like to put in a note of the records to be imported in Zotero. Alas, I'm unable to knead the tag in a way the item and it's note get connected when imported.

So here's my question: is there a way to get items with their notes imported using Zotero RDF, or should I use another format?

Thank you!
  • Yes there is :-)

    First try to read this: https://www.w3.org/TR/rdf-primer/

    and then do this:

    bib:Report rdf:ID="xxx"
    dcterms:isReferencedBy rdf:resource="xxx"
    bib:Memo rdf:about="xxx"

  • so you're all set with this, right?
  • Yes, I think so. Thank you for asking and Zotero in general !
  • While I got the Notes to work, I'm struggling with the Report Number now ...

    Based on a Zotero RDF export we were able to make the RDF import work, except for the Report Number.

    With ItemType Report the Zotero RDF export generates this tag:

    But when importing a Report item all it's tags get imported properly except for the contents of the prism:number tag.

    My guess is this has to do with the translator, but I'm unable to find what.

  • Solved this with the help of our IT-staff.

    In RDF.js , line 985 //issue, we added two if's:

    if (container || newItem.seriesTitle == 'Our specific string' || newItem.seriesTitle == 'Our other specific string')

    This gets the reportnumber (MARC 088) into a Zotero report.
  • That's supercalifragilisticexpialidocious :-)
    I'm not sure what the dstillman comment @github implies though ...
  • I handled the comment by Dan in another commit. The PR is merged now.
  • Yes it is !! Thanks a lot !
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