Importing existing bibliographic entries

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  • I have several hundred bibliographic entries that I have in about nine papers that I want to combine in Zotero, which I did not find until last year. But I cannot seem to figure out how to convert the Word bibs to bibtex or whatever and then get them into Zotero, which I would love to use to finish my dissertation. All the instructions I find online are multiple steps and I hit blocks and never am able to complete the instructions (such as downloading the styleformat in such and such a pc folder). I started converting entries from one paper's bib to bibtext but it was so tedious, it would almost be easier to copy and paste various aspects of each entry into Zotero itself. Is there any easier and faster way to accomplish this goal? I'd really like to be working on the content of the dissertation rather than the references!
  • (Please start new threads for new issues. The thread you posted to wasn't remotely related to your question.)

    See Importing Formatted Bibliographies for options. As mentioned there, the best service for this, Anystyle, is currently unavailable, though it hopefully will return soon.
  • @triciascribner: If you're still looking to do this, the AnyStyle website is now back up.
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