Web library beta - pin discussion & saved searches?

The new web library beta is amazing, thank you so much!

Would it be possible: 1) pin a Web Library Beta discussion on top of the forums so people can add suggestions to the same thread? 2) sync the saved searches from the desktop version to the online version? (I work with 30+ saved searches on desktop and have to recreate them manually when I work on my iPad which wastes a lot of time.)
  • 1) Separate threads are fine for web library requests — I think that'll make it easier to discuss things anyway.

    2) Showing saved searches online is definitely planned, but I'm not sure how soon it will happen, since it requires porting the client's entire search architecture (or a rewrite of it) to the server. It's also not, strictly speaking, a web library feature, but rather an API feature, so its absence from the beta shouldn't be taken as particularly meaningful. Once the API can return the results of saved searches, adding them to the web library will be pretty easy. (I understand that the new web library makes their absence more notable, though, so we'll see what we can do.)
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    Ok, thanks! Your point about API suggested to me that in theory I could use the tag selector in web library and then save the urls as bookmarks in my browser to reproduce my saved searches in zotero desktop.

    But there is currently no tag selector in new web library on the iPad. The above works with the old web library (which is great!) but when I switch back to the new layout on the iPad I get the following error: “Received error from Zotero server: Invalid ‘itemKey’ value ‘tag’”

    Is this a feature that is going to be added to the mobile version?
  • Yes, the tag selector is missing on all touch devices in the beta at the moment, but we're working on adding it.
  • The tag selector is still being worked on, but it's now available in the beta on all device sizes.
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