How to add emojis in the tag fields?

I've noticed that is possible to add emojis in the tag fields but I'm not sure how that is supposed to work? For instance now I have to copy an emoji from somewhere on the web and directly paste that in the tag field (this actually works) but if I write in the tag field ":)" then this text is not parsed into the appropriate emoji. Am I missing something?
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    On Windows, type Windows + ; to bring up the emoji selector. On Mac, type Cmd + Ctrl + Space. (These are for any program, not just Zotero.)
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    Thank you! That's awesome to know. One last question if you don't mind, in my linux box the keybinding Cmd+Ctrl+Space doesn't seem to work. Is there anywhere in zotero where we should look for where these keybindings exist?
  • Ok, so for future reference I realised that the emoji picker comes out of the box pre-installed on OS like Mac and Windows but not on Linux, so there are plenty of options for that in the Linux world you just have to pick your poisson.

    My initial misunderstanding was that I thought the emoji picker was part of zotero hence the stupid follow-up question on where in zotero is the keybinding that brings up the emoji picker (duh... stupid of me).
  • Loving Zotero and loving the support community. So many questions answered as I begin to use it in earnest. Including this one. Thank you!
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    @bwiernik, on
    On Windows, type Windows + ; to bring up the emoji selector.
    This does not work for me. Am I understanding the instructions correctly to say that in adding a new tag, in the label field I type "Windows + ;"? If that text is correct, do you press tab, enter, or space at the end? So far, no variation I've tried brings up a selector.
  • The shortcut to bring up the emoji selector on Windows could be ⊞ Win+; or ⊞ Win+. (see here for example).

  • Got it! Thanks, mjthoraval.

    For anyone who struggled with this, as I did, click into a new tag field, hold down your Windows icon key (Left of the Alt and spacebar on your keyboard), and press either a semicolon or a comma at the same time. A window of emojis and other symbols will appear. There are more options than what you see. Use the search bar to find things like checkmarks, or whatever else you're trying to depict. Click on the chosen emoji, close the selector window, and seal it by clicking Enter or leaving the field.
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