Zotero config syncing on multiple devices?

Is there any possibility to have zotero configuration to automatically get saved on our zotero accounts and synced when we install fresh zotero app on new devices. ATM I have to manually change the configs on each device that I have zotero installed. Maybe at least this way will be more robust in terms of not loosing our configs in the future and also easier to install and configure zotero instances on new devices.

For instance an example would be to have one zotero instance on a machine where I install my preferred plugins and configure it and then the configs get automatically synced so when I move to another device, let's say my laptop I install zotero and log in into my account then autoconfig takes care of installing the same plugins I had on the first machine and setting the appropriate config settings similar to what they were in the first machine of the first zotero instance installation.
  • I don't see us doing this anytime soon. It would be a major technical undertaking, and it's also conceptually tricky. While it would be fine for certain settings, other settings need to be different on different computers (think Linked Attachment Base Directory, or various ZotFile settings), so it would require classifying every setting (and having every plugin classify every setting) as either local or global. And even among global settings, there are some that people might want to be different on different computers.
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