Is there a way to get an RSS feed (1) alerting of additions to a group library and (2) alerting to additions to a group discussion? I see various RSS buttons, but they jump me without explanation I understand to page to create a feed key. And I can really tell what I would expect to get, for example, from the RSS button in a given group library.
I've tried looking through the online documentation, but haven't enjoyed enlightenment.
If someone has walked this path before, thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide, even if it's to say "don't waste your time trying".
  • In the current web library (not the new beta version), the feed link is for a feed of the current view (whatever collections and tags are selected).
    If it's a library that is not visible to the internet, it needs to create an API key that has permission to view the feed. Once you create the key, it will forward you to the feed using that key for access.

    There are not currently feeds of group discussions.
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