Move Manage Attachments into Context Menu?

The new manage attachments feature is currently a menu item in the File menu besides other functionalities like creating a new entry, import a file, or export the whole library. This does IMO not seem like the natural place for "Manage Attachments". Moreover, this feature does only work, if I first select some entries and will then manage the attachments of these selected entries. Aren't all the other functions which work on selected items in the context menu? Wouldn't it therefore make sense to move the manage attachments functionality also to the context menu?
  • It's in the File menu because it's a specialized function that 1) almost no one will ever need and 2) most people who do will likely use once, and I didn't want to take up room in the context menu that could be used for much more frequently used functions. I expect other file-related things that go in that submenu to be similarly rarely needed (e.g., an orphaned-file finder).

    We haven't traditionally made heavy use of the main menus simply because we didn't have them in the Firefox extension. Now that we do, we have many more possibilities for where to put things and don't need to cram everything into the main window.

    (Also, ZotFile creates a Manage Attachments menu in the context menu.)
  • Okay, I see the reasoning not to put everything in the context menu. But -- if I may ask -- how about the "Tools" menu instead for "Managing attachments"? There is already "Create timeline" in this menu, which is also only rarely used.
  • I would agree that Tools feels like a better fit for Manage Attachments, especially comparing what other programs put in File.
  • I mean, it is quite literally about files, but I guess there's an argument to be made that File is usually more about input/output and general program functions than about files specifically.

    I've moved it to Tools for the next beta.
  • I definitely agree that "File" is a pretty terrible label for this general menu, but precedent is strong
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