Feature request: Cite a video game

My research is in Games Studies, and a lot of my citations will be of video games. I know there are some documented ways of citing video games (like here: https://style.mla.org/citing-a-video-game/) but Zotero, has "Computer Program" as a citation category but not "Video Game." The first category might be useful to me because I'll be citing some open-source projects, but it would be nice to also keep my game citations in my Zotero list.

I might be able to help implement this, depending on how in-depth the dev/build process are for Zotero.
  • In which ways would "Computer Program" differ from "Video Game"? It might be easier if you just used that category, and then if needed customized the citation style to format all "Computer Program" citations like Video Games.
    (That would certainly be easier than customizing Zotero itself. Of course that could be a problem if you need to use both in substantially distinct ways, but maybe that's unlikely?)
  • In terms of citation, you would generally cite games the same way as any other software, so this is mostly a question of organization in your library. This is too niche a need for Zotero to implement generally, but custom item types are planned for the medium term in a future Zotero version. For now, I would recommend storing “Video game” versus “Computer software”, etc. in the “System” field. That will generally be included as needed in citations and you can sort on that. You could also use tags to filter on games versus other software.
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