Error adding files

Zotero crashed while I was adding pdfs from a folder.

The Report ID given was 1883893989.
  • If you can reproduce this, we'd want to see a Debug ID (different from a Report ID) for it occurring. Otherwise, if it's working now, don't worry about it.
  • This is more of a design question, but why doesn't Zotero give a Debug ID at the same time it gives a Report ID?
  • edited November 11, 2019
    Because they're fundamentally different processes. A Report ID includes a list of all errors that have occurred since Zotero startup. A Debug ID includes much more voluminous output generated over a specific period of time, during which you would perform a certain action. For performance reasons, that output can't be left on all the time. Often a Report ID is enough to identify a problem, but when the errors don't provide enough context (such as specific line numbers), we need a Debug ID that covers it actually occurring.
  • Thank you again, dstillman
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