More fine-grained editing rights for group libraries?

I know this has been discussed several times before, but could we get the ball rolling again on a system of more fine-grained editing rights for group bibliographies?
I run a pretty large group bibliography (this one ) and have just realised that a member of the fairly small group of editors must have deleted - unintentionally, I suppose - a significant collection with three subcollections (but not the items, as far as I can tell).
This isn't a major catastrophe as I keep pretty rigorous backups and know how to restore them (next on my list), but I could really do with a category for people who are allowed to ADD references (and possibly even collections) but NOT delete either of those.

Would it be helpful if I try and come up with a selection of ways other systems handle editing rights so that could be a jumping-off point? As things stand, I can't even tell who the culprit is to have a chat with them to see what they thought they were doing...
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