Wrong Citation

Hello there,
I am using zotero for my thesis and I found out that some of the citations were wrong like "WHO Survey on AMR.pdf, n.d.". I use the Harvard referencing style and I don't know how to correct it and please kindly advise me what to do it.
  • You're citing PDF attachments directly. You need to cite actual items with bibliographic metadata.

    If you have a standalone PDF that wasn't automatically recognized, either save from a webpage where Zotero is able to detect metadata and drag the PDF onto the new item or right-click on the PDF, select Create Parent Item, and enter the metadata manually.
  • Hello there,
    Can I correct some wrong citations in Zotero directly?
  • You need to make proper Zotero items, not just the attachment files, in Zotero, like dstillman described above.
  • Is this citation "(“Sustainable Development Goals .:. Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform,” n.d.)" correct? Why date is not included?
  • Because a date isn't entered into the Date field. If high-quality metadata isn't added automatically for a particular item, you need to save an item from another source or edit the item yourself to include it.

    I would strongly recommend starting by reading through Adding Items to Zotero and some of the other documentation, since it sounds like you're generally not understanding how to use Zotero.
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