Probleme instalation Zotero connector sous firefox

Impossible de réinstaler le connector suite à la mise à jour de firefox? Rien ne se passe lorsque l'on clique sur l'instal. ESt ce que c'est un problème de mise à jour?
  • edited November 10, 2019
    The Zotero Connector is just a standard Firefox extension that you install like any other — if it's not working that would be a problem with your Firefox installation. Note that when you click Install Firefox Connector it'll prompt you in a popup below the address bar, and you need to give permission for the installation to proceed.
  • When I Click on the instal button, nothing is happening. I can't find it in Addon, and personalise. The problem arrive when I installed MacOs Catalina and Firefox 70... I downloaded the .xpi via chrome but nothing happens when I open it afterwards with Firefox.
  • In a properly functioning Firefox installation, either clicking "Install Firefox Connector" in Firefox or dragging an XPI from disk to the Firefox window will trigger an installation prompt in the top left below the address bar.

    If that's not happening for you, you'd have to ask Mozilla for help, since that would indicate a problem with your Firefox installation.
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