Show the number of items in a collection

Is there a way to show the number of items in a collection behind the name of said collection? Just like below:
- collection A (5)
- collection B (10)
- collection C (0)
- collection D (3)
  • No, though, as you probably know, if you just click on a collection, it will give you the count in the right-hand pane.
  • Seconded, this would be nice to have!
  • I would also like to have this feature. Maybe by adding an option similar to the "Show entries from subcollections" toggle under the view tab, like "Show Number of Entries In Collection Title" that would add the number which is currently shown in the right pane to the collection names.
  • There now is an addon that does this (among other nice things):

    Note that it only shows the number of items in the selected collection. The count does not include subcollections. Cheers!
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