Zotero automatically download undesired files

Hi, I have an issue related with Zotero. I'm using a Mac and I found in Finder certain files with various extensions (such as .js, .css) that are downloaded from unspecific websites. If I delete them, they will reappear. What can I do to avoid this? I also have and need the Chrome extension.

Thanks in advance.
  • edited November 8, 2019
    Those files are part of webpage snapshots that Zotero takes on some sites — by deleting them, you've been breaking the snapshots stored in Zotero.

    If you don't want snapshots, you can turn them off from the Zotero preferences.

    I'm guessing you're using an older version of macOS — pre–High Sierra — and seeing these files in "All My Files" in the Finder sidebar. Note that that view was removed in later versions of macOS, presumably in part because it's fairly useless and shows all sorts of random files spread across your disk that actually have a purpose, as you're seeing here. You should upgrade to a later version of macOS if you can, but in the meantime I'd strongly discourage you from deleting files from that view without looking where they're actually located on your disk.

    If you don't want your existing Zotero snapshots, we can help you delete them properly from within Zotero.
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