installing Zotero Bookmarklet

My default browser is Microsoft Edge. Zotero instructions are to "click and drag the button to your browser's bookmarks toolbar". I am not sure where the toolbar is located on my screen. I tried clicking on the icon next to "Desktop (Edge...) and dragging to the area to the right of the web address but all that accomplished was to highlight the material on the webpage. Can anyone help a computer novice?
  • This keeps changing all the time, but at least last time I checked, getting Bookmarklets installed in Edge was near impossible (e.g. because there is indeed no toolbar). You can try googling recent (!) instructions for adding bookmarklets to Edge -- it's possible this has changed again -- but to the best of my knowledge, it's just not possible to effectively use Edge at the moment.
    This is somewhat likely to change now that they're switching over to Chromium infrastructure, i.e. the same as the Chrome browser.
  • (But with the switch to Chromium you'll also just be able to use the Zotero Connector for Chrome in Edge. That might already be possible the preview release, though I haven't tried.)
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