Faulty snapshot in ScienceDirect, in 2.0b6.3

When I import articles from ScienceDirect by clicking the icon on the rightmost side of the address bar, Zotero fails to take an intact snapshot of the full-text webpage, although it retrieves article information correctly. Zotero does save a snapshot automatically, but the whole content below ScienceDirect's 'Article' and 'PDF' buttons is missing, and there is only a big gray space.

Curiously, Zotero succeeds to take a full snapshot when I try 'Attachments -> Add -> Take a snapshot of current page' in the right pane, manually.

Thus, automatic snapshot process might differ from that of manual one in some aspects, and that difference perhaps prevents taking full snapshot from ScienceDirect.

I use Zotero 2.0b6.3 in FF 3.0.11, in Windows Vista.
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