[feature request] increase the contrast of entries found (bold or highlight)

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Currently when I select a tag or search something, I don't see the difference between the entries found and the the other one. For instance, I don't see the difference when it found an entry in a list a child item. I need to dim in the screen light to see which one is selected.

Slightly changing the selected item's font from gray to black isn't enough because on some screen it isn't possible to see the difference between gray and black, since the dimmer fonction doesn't actually dim the light but darken (or whiten) the pixels. Highlighting or bolding the entries matched,would solve this issue.

ps: if you can't change this, could you please tell me what file/line I should modify to solve this?

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    I would first recommend trying to adjust the contrast and brightness on your monitor. The difference between the black and gray entries is pretty significant on a properly calibrated monitor.

    If you're still having trouble seeing the difference, you can (create and) add a line to chrome/userChrome.css in your Zotero profile directory, but only the non-matches are tagged, so you can't change the matches. You can try to set the context rows to a lighter gray:

    #zotero-items-tree treechildren::-moz-tree-cell-text(contextRow) {
    color: lightgray !important;

    To change the background of the non-matches, you'd have to use -moz-tree-cell instead of -moz-tree-cell-text.
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    Thanks a lot! I will look at it.

    ps: I forget to join a print screen : https://i.imgur.com/1a7vXZ5.png (the print screen is not accurate at all: it shows a much darker picture that what it really looks like, and it shows also more contrast: it's actually possible to see the difference, which in reality isn't)
    (some (old) screen are just too bright even when we dim them at the lowest, so we need to use an extra dimmer that darken the pixels).

  • Sorry I don't find any "Chrome" folder in C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Zotero\Zotero\Profiles\<randomstring>

    I only find one in C:\Program Files (x86)\Zotero\chrome (which only contains \icons\default )
  • It's 'chrome' lowercase, and you have to create it yourself. This is just a Firefox thing we happen to inherit, so you're really on your own here.

  • Ok, sorry!
    Just to be sure, when I'll update zotero, userChrome.css won't be override, right?
  • Correct. The profile directory is mostly unaffected by updates (unlike the program directory).
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    The code mentioned above:

    #zotero-items-tree treechildren::-moz-tree-cell-text(contextRow) {
    color: red; }

    doesn't do anything (the red color to be sure to don't miss it). But the userChrome.css is recognised.

    For instance, this works :

    tabpanel * {
    background: rgb(255, 12, 12) !important;
    color: rgb(48, 79, 253) !important;

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    Sorry, you have to add !important. Edited above.
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    Oh, I'm stupid.

    It's great!
    Thanks a lot for your patience

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