Can I undo a bad merge?

I updated a note in two different places and got a message asking which one to keep. I thought I told Zotero to keep the longer one, but it seems I kept the wrong one. Is there a way to recover the data from the other branch of the merge?
  • Have you synced both computers yet?

    On the computer where you last edited the longer version of the note, you can temporarily disable auto-sync (disabling your network connection before opening Zotero if there's a chance Zotero hasn't yet synced) and then either copy the note from that database or check the last automatic backup of the database.

    If you use something like Time Machine that makes hourly backups, you could also restore from another backup of the zotero.sqlite database. (No need to touch 'storage'.)

    If you do find it in a backup, you can either copy the text to the clipboard or duplicate the note and then sync, which will cause more recent changes to sync down while keeping the new duplicated note.
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