Page numbers in Nature Citation style not appearing in Bibliogrpahy


First of all: thank you for this wonderfull piece of open source Software. i have really come to enjoy it.
I encountered a little problem with the Nature Citation Style. I prefer that style, because it keeps my Thesis-Paper short and easy to read. So when i write text and add the citations, they are added as little indicators.
In the Bibliography however, Books are not cited with the corresponding page numbers. So when - for example - i quote from Harrisons Page 1594-1596, the pages dont show up anywhere. I added them with the Libreoffice Plugin, they are included in the information Box, but they dont show up.
Is there any way to force Zotero to add the page numbers in the bibliography section, or do i have to add the pages by hand in the end?

Examples (in german):
Diese sind jedoch nicht für Herzinfarkte spezifisch und werden daher klinisch eher ergänzend eingesetzt.6,7

(i added page 88 for 6, and page 1594 for 7)

The Bibliography
6. Hamm, C., Liebetrau, C., Dill, T. & Brandt, R. Akutes Koronarsyndrom: Laboruntersuchungen. in Duale Reihe Innere Medizin (eds. Arastéh, K. et al.) (Georg Thieme Verlag, 2018). doi:10.1055/b-005-145255.
7. Kasper, D. L. et al. Harrison’s principles of internal medicine. (2015).

if anybody would know the answer to this little problem ... :D i would be forever thankful!

  • By the logic of the style, adding page numbers in the bibliography doesn't make a lot of sense: The number 6 can refer to the same bibliography entry multiple times across the article, referring to different page numbers, so the article is given with its full page number.

    If you do need specific page numbers, an author-date style (like APA) or a footnote/endnote one (like Chicago Manual) would typically be the better choice.

    (So in case that wasn't clear, the answer to your immediate question is that you'd have to do this manually if you really want to)
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    "(So in case that wasn't clear, the answer to your immediate question is that you'd have to do this manually if you really want to)"
    that'S a bummer! but thank you for the quick answer!

    however: there is one glitch i don't understand. i am quoting from the same book multiple times (harrisons, for example). So Zotaro now adds multiple entries for the same book in the Bibliography. In that case the page numbers would make sense.
    I see your argument though, if the page numbers were added in the text portion of the thesis (i.e. bla bla bla 7 (p1594)) you would have to add the citation for 7 only once in the bibliography... if that makes any sense.

    Let me correct that: i just realized it points to the same entry every time. which means in Nature citation style there is no way of indicating different pages of the same book for different parts of the thesis.
  • I would suggest just typing the page numbers in text if that is necessary.
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