Missing only one group from my storage

With my team we have some groups. As I have upgraded storage, I create the groups, and the others are connected, the desktops are synced. I wanted to find out how much mbyte uses one specific grouplibrary. So I find the storage plan, there are listed My library and the groups I've created (own). Only one group is missing from this list, the specific one I wanted to find out.
I'm really curious why one group is missing from this list, while the others are OK. And anyway could I find out the mbyte size of a group library?
  • The storage settings lists only groups that you own, as those are the ones that are counted against your storage. You're a member of a couple groups that you don't own, so those won't show up.
    You can see the user that owns a group from each group's profile page.
  • I own the group. My account is shown as the owner of the group on the profile page.
  • It will also not show up if file storage is disabled for the group (or the group is a type where file storage cannot be enabled). You can check that in the library settings for the group.
  • Wow, that's new info. I will chek it. Now I changed this file storage setting of the group library. I still do not see in the storage list, but next time I log in, I will see if there will be a change. thanks!!
  • Unfortunately the problem is not solved. In my storage list one group is still missing. I am owner of the group. In the group library settings the files are not disabled, any group member can edit them. But thinking about this files storage idea, this is the only group library, that do not contains any files, just records. I will try if I put into the library only one file, maybe it became visible in my storage list.
  • Yes, this was the reason: there was no file in the group. Now I've uploaded one, which is 389kbyte. In my storage list this group is already visible, 1Mb.
    Another question: This group contains 7000 records, if I export it in ZOTERO format, it is 10Mb. But on the web it is only 1Mb?
    How many storage space use one item (record) if there is no file attachment?
  • Only file attachments use storage space, so what you're seeing is completely normal.
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