zotero export selection of documents to nvivo ris file not accepted

I have previously successfully exported my whole zotero library as an .ris file into nvivo.
Now that I select a certain items in a folder (so not the whole folder) and export these items as an .ris file, it doesn't seem to work. I select the items from the folder that I want to export as RIS, right click Export items... select RIS, select export notes and export files, default is Unicode (UTF-8), click ok. Now I have a RIS file.

However, when i go into Nvivo and select the file, it says "Import error, Unable to parse bibliographic data file."

I don't know if the problem is with Nvivo or Zotero. The other time, when I exported the whole library as a ris file, Nvivo did work. I still have that file and if I import that RIS file, it still works while the RIS file from selected items is unable to import... Since the error is reported in Nvivo I don't have an error ID.
  • RIS files are just text files, so you can make a copy of the file, open it with a text editor like Notepad or TextEdit, and the split it in two and see if those import.
    Make sure you split between a line that says
    ER -
    and one that starts with

    TY -

    If one does import, further split the other one into two until things work.

    If both fail, my bet would be that NVIVO struggles with the files or the notes. You'd have to ask them then, providing sample output from Zotero.
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