Retrieving references directly from databases

Hello everybody,

Zotero Windows application.

As of now, I cannot find a way to download literature references directly from the database (google scholar, ncbi, etc) to my manuscript or to my local Zotero library, like in Mendeley or other applications. Have to go through the references data bank, then use the Zotero plug-in in the navigator (Mozilla Firefox, for ex.) to import it into my local Zotero library, then import it into the text through the Zotero Word plugin.

Is there a shortcut?

Thanx to all.
  • No, that's how Zotero works by design. I don't really see how using database's own browser interface is slower, but if having database search integrated is a very high priority, then Zotero is probably not the right tool for you.
  • There are more steps each time than if you just directly import the citation from the reference database (ncbi, etc.) into your manuscript, just like in Endnote.
  • I disagree, but I understand this can be a matter of taste. It's a general design decision of Zotero to optimize working in the browser with databases' native interfaces (which is where most researchers do their searches anyway) and the effort of implementing database search directly into Zotero would be significant and will almost certainly not happen.
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