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is it possible to automatically record the library location with Zotero? Citavi has a button that allows you to automatically find and add the library location. Is this also possible with Zotero, either through the program or the add-on for Firefox? About the addon you can directly pull the book data from the website, but unfortunately not the location data.

Unfortunately, I can not use Citavi anymore, as I am now working with Linux and am currently looking for a good bibliographic management program. I like Zotero quite well so far.

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    Zotero can only save one library location (=Signatur) compared to Citavi, where you can save several locations.

    Some translators in Zotero will try to automatically save the library location in Zotero while you are saving this item. That would IMO be the best way to achieve this. Which library or library catalogue are you looking at? Also when importing data from Citavi to Zotero this information will be preserved.

    You can also configure the OpenURL resolver such that the Library Lookup will work for your library. If you want to add the library location to a list of entries in Zotero, then you need to go through one-by-one with this lookup and copy and paste the location. There is now no functionality in Zotero to update this information automatically in a batch.
  • Hi, thank you for your answer. I study at the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf and therefore work with the catalog of the University and State Library, so I need only the location information from the ULBD. During the import from Citavi to Zotero something did not work, because all data was not taken over, I have to look again separately.

    When I search in Zotero for an ISBN, the location information of the Library of Congress comes. If I go over the addon in Firefox, I have no location information. If I use library lookup, only the website of SFX opens, from which I will be referred only to the appropriate website of the ULBD. If I use the add-on in Firefox there will be a new entry, but here again the location of the Library of Congress ...
  • The export of the (first) call number from Citavi to Zotero should work in general.

    Besides that: You may have to add the call numbers manually, because I don't see any easy way to automate your workflow.
  • The location lookup feature in Citavi is indeed quite handy. That's why I've written a Zotero addon ( that implements a poor-man's version of this for our library catalog ( I've had a quick look, and, as your catalog uses Primo, it should be possible to adapt this for your catalog. The actual change should be very simple, but I'll probably have to adjust a few more little things. I don't have time for this now, but I could have a look in perhaps two weeks...
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