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I have the zotero plug ins for both Firefox and Chrome (as I use Chrome solely for viewing pdfs). I recently changed computer and had no issues with zotero prior to this.

When I look at a PDF, whether saved to my computer or not, zotero is only giving me the option to save webpage as a snapshot and does not retrieve any data alongside it.

I have tried using the plug in on Firefox and this does not help either. I have turned off every other browser extension I have on both chrome and firefox and this does not help either. I am unsure whether or not there is anything else I can do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    If you have a PDF on disk, you would just drag it to Zotero. You can't save file:// URLs to Zotero for technical reasons.

    When viewing a PDF directly online, as long as you have the Zotero program open, the connector should show a PDF icon and save the PDF to Zotero. You can try it on this PDF.

    (Note that, when possible, you'd still want to save from an article page rather than from a PDF.)
  • I didn't know I could drag it, thank you! That's fixed it for me.

    It still doesn't offer to save as a pdf while open in browser, but I can deal with dragging it.

    Thank you for your quick help!
  • There was a typo in Dan’s post above. You _cannot_ save file:// pages to Zotero for technical reasons. The Zotero button will work however if you are viewing a PDF on a webpage (not saved to your local disk).
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