Zotero and Box a tale of two computers


I have two computers with Zotero installed. I would like to move all pdfs to one central location on my Box drive (cloud storage). Is there a mechanism for Zotero on both computers to automatically adapt to this change or do I have to manually re-point all symlinks to their respective pdfs?

Thank you!
  • What's your current set up? Where are the PDFs?
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    Current setup:
    Computer 1: 90% pdfs stored locally, 10% on Box drive (manually moved and hand relinked).
    Computer 2: All pdfs on Box drive.

    *Common pdfs folder on Box drive.
    I am using FF connector with standalone Zotero installed on both computers.
  • And the PDFs on Computer 2 are already linked to Zotero or not?

    By "stored locally" you mean "stored in Zotero's internal storage"?
  • Yes, Zotero's default storage location. PDFs on computer #2 are linked to all files that were sourced on Computer #2, but not to the files sourced on Computer#1.
  • OK, so you'll want to use ZotFile to move the files on Computer 1 into the Box folder as linked files rather than doing this manually (www.zotfile.com).

    Then, in the advanced tab of the Zotero preferences under files and folders, set the box folder as the base link for relative attachment links on both computers.

    That should be all you need to do. Note that links only work for personal libraries, not for groups.
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