is it possible to login into Zotero with an ORCID open ID ?

It seems that ORCID implements the authentification method called "open ID" :

I've tried to use my own ORCID open ID to login into Zotero but it fails with this message :
Invalid Open Id

So I'm wondering if it is possible or not.

Thanks for your insights
  • No, we implemented an older version of OpenID which will be phased out.
  • Any plans to update the version of OpenID or integrate ORCID iDs differently?
  • Ok I understand.
    I'm a fan of both intiatives : Zotero and ORCID. Each of them are really great to build services for open science.
    That's why I've tried it for a new fellow in my lab.
    Thanks for your response @fcheslack
    And same question as @zuphilip ;)

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