Multiple profile - deleting library files safely


I have created a second Zotero profile successfully. When I launch my new second profile, my entire library from my original profile is automatically synced into it. I would like to delete this library from my new profile and start from scratch (while changing or deleting NOTHING from my original profile).

1. Is it safe to do so and retain everything in my original profile? Could this activity create crashes or jeopardize my library? I have read a lot of horror stories on these forums about losing entire libraries.

2. Can I set up a sync with my second profile only (and new library only) with a group?

  • First, verify that the two profiles are actually using different data directories from the Advanced → Files and Folders pane of the Zotero preferences, and make sure you have backups of both data directories.

    Once you do that, what you do depends on what exactly you're trying to accomplish.

    If you want to set up the second profile with a separate Zotero account, you just need to 1) unlink the second profile from the original account in the Sync pane of the preferences and tell it to delete local data and 2) set up syncing again with a new account.

    If your goal is to keep the old profile as a local-only archive but reuse the same Zotero account for the new profile, then you would want to 1) unlink the old profile but choose to keep local data, 2) delete zotero.sqlite and 'storage' in the data directory of the new profile, 3) set up syncing in the new profile, and 4) before syncing normally, use Replace Online Library in the Sync → Reset pane of the preferences to overwrite the old online library with the new empty one. Just be certain you've unlinked the old profile first.
  • That's great, thanks so much. I created the new directory and I think I will do a proper backup of my original account and go ahead with the first option.

    Thanks for your help!!

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