Style Error: Catholic Biblical Quarterly and Catholic Biblical Association


I've tried citing a presentation and encyclopedia article in the CBQ and CBA style.
When I do i get the following error:
[CSL STYLE ERROR: reference with no printed form.]

WHen insert a prefix comment, i get a blank in the place where the author and book information should be.

Though there is nothing in the style guide for a presentation it does have something about citing databases on pg 689 of its style guide (it's referencing an online version of a printed database). This should be applicable to an encyclopedia reference.

Can someone change or fix this.
I will also contact the CBA and get guidance on citing presentations.


  • edited November 7, 2019
    I made a very quick and dirty fix to activate the two missing item types.
    They should not give the CSL STYLE ERROR now, but will likely not produce the correct ouput.

    Once you have the feedback from the editors, let us know.
  • Sorry for the delay. They are pretty easy-going, as long as I cite it. Anything that the style guide does not mention, they say to revert to the chicago style.

    I've also caught two more errors.
    1) When inserting a page range with numbers greater than 100, the first significant digit in the last number should not be put in, for example: for a page range of 111 throug 114, it should only have 111-14 or a page rage from 1117 through 1121 should be 1117-121.

    2) when one inputs a dictionary entry, it should follow the format of chicago manual of style. in this case, it is the name of the dictionary, edition, and then the initials s.v. and then dictionary entry. an example is below:

    1. Oxford English Dictionary, 3rd ed., s.v. “mondegreen,”

  • One more bug or issue with the Catholic biblical Quarterly and Catholic Biblical Assocation styles. Both styles are missing periods at the end of the citation.
    For example (taken directly from the CBQ handbook or manual)

    Stanley K. Stowers, A Rereading of Romans: Justice, Jews, and Gentiles (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1994) 100-103, 108-9.

    the citation above ends with a period. the CBQ style does not insert the period. i think the CBA style also does not insert a period.
  • @damnation any comments or corrections on my previous two comments about errors in the CBQ and CBA full note styles?

    i'm guessing inserting a period should be a quick fix and the addition of s.v. for dictionary entries.
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