Wider collection hierarchy pane in "classic" cite-as-you-write dialog?

Report ID: 1994325351

When I activate the cite-as-you-write dialog (via Better Bibtex, e.g. `curl -s`), the resulting dialog has two panes: the left one shows the hierarchy of collections in my library, and the right one shows all the citations in the selected collection. However, it seems that the panes cannot be resized. The hierarchy pane is narrow enough (~200 px) and my collections are nested enough (>5 levels) that I can't read the names of most of my collections, which makes the dialog hard to use.

Is there a way to resize the panes in this dialog?
  • The classic dialog is not being updated any longer. It is planned for a future version to add some form of browsing capability to the default red-border citation dialog.
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