updated items list too big to sync?

I have added a great number of items to the library with similar tags and, when I start the sync, the list of "items in the collection ... have been added and/or removed in multiple locations" covers all the screen, and as I can't scroll it down to click on the "OK", I have to close it by clicking on the "X" above. When I do it, the syncing crashes. The error number is 974393701. What should I do?

If it makes any difference, my library currently has about 6,000 items.

Thank you.
  • There's a bug here that we'll need to fix.

    It sounds like you have changes on both sides (or else you wouldn't get that alert), but if they're minimal you could use the sync troubleshooting steps. Otherwise, you may want to wait for the next beta.
  • OK, this is now fixed in the latest dev build. (It occurred when trying to sync the removal of a very large number of items from a collection.)
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